Baking Trays


A product is considered as a successful production, only when it provides a supreme, high quality solution.

The technical expertise, the experience and our motivation to build high quality products is our success factor in designing products that are loved and used in daily basis.


Baking trays are among the utensils we use extensively at home and are considered indispensable piece of household equipment. In Roller Kappatos, we manufacture inox and enamel baking trays of unique quality and durability, ideal for everyday use, suitable for all kinds of ovens. Both our reliability and top product quality are guaranteed, due to the trust and good relations we have established with known home appliance manufacturers over the years, which we constantly supply.

Choice is everything, especially when it comes to products. Choose from various types and sizes, the baking tray of you liking. Even if you don’t find the one you’re looking for, we can easily manufacture, upon request, the perfect baking tray based on your needs.

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