Everything started with an idea back in '70s. Today 45+ years later, we continue with the same passion and love, as the first day. The only thing that has changed is the experience gained in the process.


The origins

The Company THEOFILOS KAPPATOS S.A.,, formally regognised nowdays by the distinctive title Roller Kappatos, was founded in 1971 by Mr. Theofilos N. Kappatos. It all started with an idea, in a small room, where Mr. Kappatos using a mechanical press and a hammer created his first Roller (supporting base for appliances). This, very first, Roller is today known as Rollers Pair White (product code 00672)and that, was clearly only the beginning of a whole range of household products.

Within a year of opperations, both sales and interest for this new innovative product were increased. Thus, a larger space was created in the same area and a sole employee was hired for manufacturing this particular product code. Meanwhile, Mr. Theofilos Kappatos progressed in the design of a rectangular Roller (today known as Rollers for Cookers) and the construction of the oven where the Rollers were going to be painted (coated) originally in white, and after several years in silver (inox) and black color.

Business Growth

The ever-increasing demand, led to new premises in 1973. New dies were created and many ideas were under discussion concerning the expansion of the product line. Gradually, new products were added and so in 1976, the production unit moved to larger premises. The Roller product line had already gained quite a reputation in the market, so the company was ready to make the next step. The first electric ovens, electric grills and baking trays were produced and the same year, the company moved again, to even larger premises where it remained until 2006.

During that period (1976 – 2006) the growth of the company continued. New products were designed and produced, while a lot of attention was given on improving the existing product line. The company started importing third party products in order to expand its range of products on the market.

The Company made the its first opening abroad and also participated in exhibitions (e.g. in Germany, in cities like Cologne and Frankfurt).

The new Generation

In the period 2003 – 2004, the children of Mr. Kappatos – Theofilos Th. Kappatos and Niki Th. Kappatos – started working in the Company. Today, all together, actively participate in the management and growth of the company. Mr. Theofilos Th. Kappatos is President of the Company, Head of the Production Line and Export Manager. Respectively, Ms. Niki Th. Kappatos is Vice President, Head of Accounting and Import Manager. Mr. Theofilos N. Kappatos remains the main shareholder and coordinator of the Company. In 2006, the Company moved in Avlonas, Attica. In 2021, the Company moved to its current facilities, located in Oinofyta, Voiotias.

Over the last 10+ years (2006 – 2017), the Company significantly increased its exports in many countries within the European Union, such as Germany, France and Italy, while it expanded its export activity into new markets and countries worldwide. Imports were also increased, creating a wide range of products (always according to the European Standards), as well as the participations in international exhibitions. Roller Kappatos is a constant exhibitor at the Ambiente exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany.

Within Greece, the Company works with major retail chain stores, such as: Kotsovolos (Dixons Retail Group), MediaMarkt Greece, Praktiker Greece etc.


As manufacturers, with more than 45 years of experience, we are proud of our history and products. Today’s production line is the result of countless tests, studies and meticulous planning over the years and it’s the proof of our passion and love for what we do.

We look towards the future with optimism, aiming to always be able to offer superior quality products to all our customers. Because, we always think like customers and because, we use the very same products ourselves, every day.

Part of our continuous effort for newer and better products, is the Connection Kit for washing machine – dryer, which adds to the already wide range or Roller product line. The innovative product has already entered dynamically, both in the Greek and foreign market place for some time now. More products are on the way. Just stay focused…

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